Final United Nations of Improv Show!

28 Jun

With Wilfred and Joel leaving Seattle to pursue higher education and broader horizons respectively, it’s with very hearts that we announce this Friday will be the UN’s final show.

But it’s with very PUMPED hearts that we say LET’S PACK THE HOUSE – one last time!  We are exactly 2 problems away from solving more problems than the actual UN.  Watch us make history and spit in Ban Ki-moon’s face!

We’re still accepting the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon,  so print one out and find a date!  Tell them it’s just a friend thing and then make an awkward move.


Human Prop is BACK!

15 Jun

Our good friends/us are bringing back Human Prop!


The UN at Wing It’s Last Call!

8 Jun

On top of the UN’s regular Friday show, you can catch us this week at Wing It’s Last Call!

Where – Wing It Productions
When – 06/12 12:30am (in other words, late late Saturday night)

You can ‘like’ us on facebook to get details as they come.

Also, head to the Wing It and Jet City sites for more details!

Preventing a nuclear holocaust and surviving without insurance!

8 Jun

This past Friday, the UN made landmark strides to perserve global peace for all humanity forver by providing a solution to any threat of nuclear holocaust.

A nuclear holocaust has to have an agent of destruction – a perpetrator. A perp is almost certainly a human being. A human being has needs and insecurities.  Satisfying those needs and assuaging those insecurities will eliminate the underlying desire for a nuclear holocaust and preserve global peace.  For a lot of human beings, it can be as simple as handing over a slurpee and a nice jacket.  If the perp is a robot though, we’re fucked.

With the problem of utter destruction solved for the most part, the UN moved on to the issue of facing the cruel cruel world without insurance.   A world where people are judged for the way they look and the amount of teeth they have.  In a world like that, not having dental insurance can lead down a path of ostracism and humiliation.  Once again, the issue boils down to a bullying perp with human needs and insecurities.  Making fun of these needs and exploiting the insecurities can neutralize the bully and prevent anyone from ever mentioning your screwed up teeth again.  If you don’t have health insurance though, you’re fucked.

The UN and Edrease Peshtaz

2 Jun

This week, the UN is excited to feature stand-up comedy from Edrease Peshtaz. Come on out and see comedy from our favorite performers (us), and also from Edrease.

Edrease Peshtaz with Tristan Devin performing at Laff Hole.

Friday, June 3rd @ 10:30pm

Odd Duck Studio -1214 10th Ave.

$8, or $6 with student i.d.

And as always, print out one of these and bring a friend for free!

The dangers of Jock Itch…and being late for work

2 Jun

Jock itch affects our audience and the UN takes care of our audience. If that means shaming the jock-itch afflicted audience member into therapy, then that’s the hilarious cost the UN is willing to pay.

So it went. The UN tackled jock itch as well as the problem of being late for work. The solutions were overlapping, confounding, and more meaningful than any of the solutions ever offered by the group:

  1. Don’t take the bus. Both problems solved. Boom.
  2. When itchy, find a walk that passes one leg over the irritated area, and make that walk work for you. Own it. Your father may be a good resource.
  3. If you’re late to work because of your spouse’s “prep time” in the morning, tell them you love them and they don’t need the “prep” because they’re already beautiful. This could lead to a better job and then you can leave them for someone more naturally attractive.
  4. Jock itch may lead you to a loving relationship between you and your doctor. If someone complains about being sick, tell them they’re closing their eyes to love. If that someone suffers from blindness, maybe don’t say that and just nod. Actually, say ‘yep’.
The UN is continuing its “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deal, so print out a coupon, bring a friend and rob us blind!



The UN is excited to have “3 Sensitive Men” tonight

27 May

As if the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deal wasn’t enough, tonight’s UN show will feature a performance by “3 Sensitive Men” (from the cast of “Quiet Monkey Fight”) debuting their new form “Road Trip”:

It’s about to get sensitive.